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I purchased a bundle. How do I download all other clockfaces?

Thanks for supporting! All clockfaces can be found by going to Fitbit mobile app → Clockfaces → All Clockfaces and searching for "waldo riggs". Download any clockface and follow payment process. Select "Already paid" on K-Pay website when entering your 5-digit code.

How can I change clock to Military time (AM/PM) or to 24 hour format?

Clock face reflects the settings that you have in your FitBit profile, therefore in order to change the format you need to login on and go to https// There you should find an option called CLOCK DISPLAY TIME, adjust it the way you see fit. After your changes are made synchronize your FitBit device with mobile application and the format should be updated if that does not work, try restarting your FitBit device and turning Bluetooth on or off.

I toggle clock face settings on and off but nothing changes what can I do?

Sometimes Fitbit devices lose connection and you might need to make sure that your device is synchronized with mobile app. In order to change settings please follow the steps below: 1. Open mobile app 2. Select your device 3. Make sure that your device is fully synchronized 4. In the device menu click on Clock Faces 5. Under My Clock (where you should see the installed clock face) you should see a gear icon. 6. Click the gear icon and change the settings as desired. Wait for 2-5 seconds after changing each setting so that your Fitbit device recognizes the changes. If the standard way does not work, try restarting the Bluetooth or fitbit device and try again. Another solution is to make the clockface restart. You can do this by swiping up to the today screen, then backing out of it again till you are in the clockface again. This will cause a clockface restart. In case that does not work, you can also shutdown and restart your watch.

I already paid, why am I charged a second time?

I already paid, why am I charged a second time? Unfortunately Fibit does not allow a payment processor to recognize you again after (re)installing an app or clockface, so the system will think you are a new customer when that happens, and will ask you to pay again. Luckily you can unlock your clockface again for free here ( Just enter the code it is showing you and the e-mail address you used for the original purchase and you will be up and running again in no time. We hope Fitbit will fix this problem with their SDK soon and allow the payment processor to make the user experience better. Feel free to vote for this issue to be solved faster here (

What are these messages? Please make them stop, I do not want to purchase anything!

These messages are shown because you are using a paid app or clockface of which the trial has expired. If you do not want to pay for the app or clockface, remove the app, or install another clockface from the appstore, and the messages will automatically stop. How to remove an app: How to change clockface: All clockfaces and apps clearly mention in their description if they are paid or not, so it should not be hard to find a free one instead. How to recognize a paid app or clockface:

Is this a one-time or recurring payment?

All the apps and clockfaces on this website are one time payments for a lifetime license. However, because Fitbit does not give the payment processor the means to recognize you after you remove and reinstall an app or clockface, it will ask for payment again if you ever remove and reinstall it. When that happens you can unlock it again for free by going to

I entered the 5-digit code on the purchase page and it tells me that code is unknown or already used

Each code is valid for one hour. This probably means your code is expired. Normally it should refresh automatically after an hour, but the Fitbit watches have some connection issues which sometimes cause the watch being unable to reach our server, and the new code is never displayed. We hope Fitbit will solve these problems soon so we can offer a better user experience. For now the solution is to make the clockface restart, which will force a new code to be loaded and displayed. You can do this by swiping up to the today screen, then backing out of it again till you are in the clockface again. This will cause a clockface restart. In case that does not work, you can also shutdown and restart your watch.

I’m trying to unlock an app I already bought and it tells me I haven’t purchased it yet!

This can have a few causes. It is possible you made a typo in your e-mail address when you purchased the app, so now our system cannot find your license. Another possibility is that you are trying to unlock another clockface/app then the one you actually purchased. Please double check that the name of the clockface/app you are trying to unlock is exactly the same as the name in the purchase success mail you got after purchasing (some names are confusingly similar unfortunately). If you are very sure you have the correct app, please contact k-pay at with the following information: – send the PayPal InvoiceID, you can find that on the PayPal receipt you got after purchasing, it starts with REF followed by 6 digits. – If you paid with creditcard instead, send the first 6 and last 4 digits of your creditcard number (do not send the complete number!). This will allow them to find your purchase and check why the unlock is not working. Please also send along the 5-digit purchase code it tells you to enter. This allows them to double check which app is asking for payment.

I cannot find this code I need to purchase or unlock the clockface/app!

The clockface/app will automatically show you the code when the trial ends, at that time you can use that code to purchase it at or unlock it at if you already paid for it before. Until that happens you don't have to do anything.